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Achieve more

See new possibilities and become the best that you and your teams can be. 

Individual coaching

This confidential space enables you to resolve dilemmas, play to your strengths and increase your impact at work and in life.


Learn more effective ways to:


 manage conflict and stress

 engage and motivate others


transition to your next role

have that difficult conversation

improve your work/life balance

influence others

anticipate and lead change

present with impact


Coaching with Jenny was a lifeline for me. It came at the right time when I needed someone to focus me on my goals and to make me understand that my vision had become a bit fuzzy. Jenny guided me with compassion and care, helping me to challenge how I was feeling in a positive way.


Jean Rogers, NHS 

You want to make changes but feel too overwhelmed, alone or stuck 

Indiv Coach

Team coaching

Become a more cohesive and high-performing team.


My skilled interventions enable teams to overcome individual and shared barriers to success.


Learn more effective ways to:


develop trust

engage in healthy conflict

proceed with clarity and commitment

ensure individual and mutual accountability

focus on collective results 

partner with customers, other teams, stakeholders

increase resilience

anticipate and lead change

succeed in a matrix management structure

thrive in a remote/virtual team



Equip your team to reach its maximum potential


Jennifer's skills as a coach and communicator are stellar, creating great loyalty and results from each individual on the team.


David Hershfield, Chief Operating Officer, Auctionata

This time of change can be unsettling. It's also an opportunity to view your future differently.


Having selected and developed hundreds of people worldwide, I’m an expert at enabling individuals to identify career options and move forward with confidence. 


Learn more effective ways to: 


identify your skills, strengths and interests

 increase resilience to cope with set-backs

 anticipate and manage change 

 create a positive mindset


 write outstanding CVs/resumés and cover letters

 succeed at interview

• make an impact in the first 100 days 


My services include individual coaching, group workshops and an on-site help desk.

Career transition coaching

Jennifer was an invaluable help to me in preparation for interview. She really listened to my concerns, and provided solid advice and coaching that subsequently helped me get the job I really wanted. Following our meeting she got in touch and was really encouraging and supportive. I'd thoroughly recommend Jennifer to anyone preparing for interview.


Rhona Tweedie, Adobe

You're affected by redeployment, termination or a career dilemma 


I’m a gifted communicator with an infectious appetite for change and improvement.


Just one change in attitude, perspective or behaviour can significantly increase personal and business impact. 


Stir up your people to:


feel inspired to achieve more 

• connect with their purpose and potential

identify and advance what is possible

become more engaged

anticipate and drive change

develop resilience

thrive in ambiguity

 become more fulfilled at work



Motivational speaking

Jennifer is the most talented individual I've ever known in leading, teaching and engaging groups, small or very large. She creates delightful materials to support sessions and presents with great humor, passion, and elegance. Her expertise shines through and she completely engages her audience.


Janet Isadore, President, Word Matters

Inspire and challenge your team, network or organisation  

Learning with me is fun, experiential, memorable and transferred directly to the job for tangible results.


Programs are tailored to your desired outcomes. They range from a half day up to 12 months. 


Learn more effective ways to:


lead and inspire 

coach for performance

engage and motivate others

anticipate and drive change

create a high-performance team

build resilience

manage upwards

succeed in a remote/virtual team 



present with impact


Learning and development

Jennifer has a talent for instilling a positive and collaborative spirit. Methodical and reassuring, she is great at identifying training needs and opportunities, improving processes, building successful teams and giving talented people an opportunity to thrive.


Laura Pistolesi, YOOX 

Unlock people's potential in an engaging and practical way

Team Coach
Career transition coaching
Motivational Coach
Learning & dev

It’s transformational! Here's what people say

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